Construction Updates

April 2021 Update

As we embark on the renovation of our GNBC fellowship hall, the construction team is pleased to update our church family of our recent progress.  As we have discussed in the past, we have been flying at high altitude for some time as we assess the feasibility of the project in its entirety both from a overall project scope vantage point along with its resultant financial fitness.  We are now capable of delving into more detail not only from a construction and design vantage point but also from that of finance and resultant capital campaign in the upcoming weeks.
In our recent family meetings, our construction team reported a savings of $200,000 resulting from evaluation of the projected uses of the fellowship hall space and ultimate tightening of the scope of the project’s design and construction budget.  This was a welcome progress and with that optimism we began evaluation of the project’s financial feasibility in conjunction with the GNBC Stewardship Committee.  As was also discussed in our recent church family meeting, the financial analysis proved favorable and compelled us to move forward with a pre-approval process with Fulton Bank.  We have received approval for financing on favorable terms (which will be discussed in detail in our upcoming church family meeting) therefore we are now progressing with RD Lambert (our general contractor) on several fronts to facilitate a guaranteed maximum price contract and suitable architectural drawings with detailed narratives in support of that contract.
We met with RD Lambert Friday, March 12th to discuss the path forward.  During those discussions, we requested a formal proposal with regard to a critical pass schedule addressing the necessary timing of updated architectural drawings and the construction schedule reflective of actual construction duration upon mobilization of their subcontractors.  The result of these proposals will allow for our construction team to report a more detailed timeline to our church family while also solidifying the timing of the United in Faith capital campaign.  We are encouraged by our conversations with RD Lambert and are anticipating that positive dialogue to continue.
With respect to the more detailed aspect of the project’s design with regard to overall finishes of both the fellowship hall space and that of the kitchen, while we have established place holders for construction budget purposes, the finer design details of the respective spaces will be driven by the kitchen team and those operating the space within the church family.  It is the construction team’s desire for those team members to assume those detail responsibilities in order to assure functionality while being respectful of the established construction budget.  These topics will be addressed in future meetings with those teams.
All that being said, we are constantly reminded of God’s provision through the faithful giving by church family.  As all will attest, we have a great church family at GNBC that has stood the test of COVID and all the struggles associated with 2020 while being faithful in giving and servanthood.  This has lead to a truly exciting time for our Church!!  Please continue to be in prayer for our construction team as we strive forward in unison with Stewardship to construct the fellowship hall that God desires in order to glorify Him!!