I received yesterday from The Bridge Network of Churches (BNoC), one of our Mission Ministry Partners, that they are offering to all of their partnering churches their online giving system.  All monies received for GNBC will be sent in the form of a check the week they receive it. The Network will cover the processing fees, so we will receive 100% of what has been designated to our church family.  BNoC will send along with the check a list of the donors name and information to help ensure the proper accounting of your tithe for tax purposes.

The following are the instructions given by BNoC:

Instructions to give to your members:

On The Bridge Network of Churches website (www.thebridgenet.org) click on the “Give” button at the top of the page. On the next page click on “Donate”, put in the amount you want to give and choose whether you want to give by PayPal or Credit Card. On the next screen, please put the church’s name that you are giving to in the “Write a Note” section. Again, all money received will be sent to the church that is named.

I went to the site yesterday to give it a trial run.  It is simple to use.  If you are not comfortable with e-giving or simply not able to give in this way, then please feel free to use the other methods previously mentioned.  This resource and the generosity of BNoC gives us another method to maintaining our tithing discipline.

If you have any questions, please contact me, and I’ll help walk you through if need be.

Love in Christ,

Pastor William