July 22  “Defining Moments:  Recognizing and Resisting Temptation”

July 15  “Defining Moments:  Integrity”

July 8  “Defining Moments:  Courage Over Fear”

July 1  “Jesus Rescues:  Growing Through Our Storms”

June 24  “Jesus Rescues:  Building a Solid Foundation”

June 17  “Team Family:  A Father’s Legacy”

June 10  “Team Family:  The Marriage Relationship”

June 3  “Team Family:  Sibling Rivalry or Sibling Reconciliation?”

May 27  “Team Family:  The Parent/Child Relationship”

May 13  “Team Family:  A Mother’s Love”

May 6  “How to Know I’m Saved:  A Love For & Obedience to the Truth”